Tina Graves

Tina Graves, FOCUS Regional Case Consultant

Harmony’s FOCUS Program (Finding Our Children Unconditional Support uses intensive research methods to find families for children in state guardianship. Many are older youth who have experienced numerous placements, foster, and group homes. FOCUS staff member Tina Graves sent us this story, the young man’s name has been changed.

After having been in foster care for over eight years, more than half his life, Cory had all but completely given up hope of ever having someone to care about him and a place to call home. Multiple placements, both foster homes and residential, had become a way of life. Cory never knew for sure where he would lay his head at night or if he would ever have a home to truly call his own.

Approximately three miles away lived a man who carried a photo of the young Cory – a boy he had loved dearly and had never forgotten. Cory’s mother had left, and not having any legal right to the child, he could only wonder what happened to the boy he had helped raise for two years while living with Cory’s mother.

Meanwhile a FOCUS staffer, searching for any possible connection and digging through stacks of paperwork, discovered this early relationship, contacted the man, and set up a meeting. Tears came to the man’s eyes as he pulled from his wallet that worn photo taken so many years ago.

He and Cory were re-united. Not related by birth but definitely united in love – he adopted Cory, and now, at last, Cory has a home to call his own.

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