About Harmony Family Center

Over the past 20 years, Harmony Family Center has helped every child we serve live their best life. Today our team of experts, innovative programs, and evidence-based solutions uniquely position us to serve children and families experiencing the challenges, stressors, and trauma of modern life ranging from the most common to the most complex.

Our diverse array of programs includes; in-home trauma assessment and treatment, helping children find their forever family, supporting the journey to parenthood, training of professionals and parents on the complex impact of trauma, Camps at Montvale where children and adults can connect with the healing power of nature, and unique therapies that utilize the loving impact of horses and dogs.  Every program we create highlights Harmony’s commitment to excellence, a collaborative spirit, our passion for knowledge, and our focus on family.

Harmony’s work is making significant impact. The challenges of drug abuse, violence, and poverty, along with the related trauma, drain our state and community resources, and negatively impact our collective wellbeing.  As we build awareness of the effects of trauma and increase the treatment of the children and families touched by it, we significantly impact the health of our communities across the state of Tennessee. So children may live their best lives.