Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Kim Liberatore

Kim Liberatore, ASAP Family Therapist

Over the last several years, Harmony Adoptions has been delighted to include Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, an innovative and highly effective treatment modality, in our extensive list of services. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, or EAP, incorporates horses into the therapeutic process.

The relationship between horses and humans is thousands of years old, and the power of the horse has long been a source of inspiration and innovation for people throughout the world. The process of utilizing animals to facilitate healing in people also has a long history, and recognition of the tremendous benefits of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy has grown exponentially in the last several years.

Horses are social creatures. They are curious, interactive, and have a need for attachment. Horses perform specific roles within their herds, and their natural behaviors as part of a herd mimic the way that humans interact in families. This provides a great opportunity to develop metaphors, observe behavior patterns, and create an arena for positive growth and change in families. In addition, horses communicate with each other, and with people, through body language, which allows for discoveries in how family members communicate and connect with one another.

EAP is an experiential therapy, meaning that families gain insight by participating in activities with the horses, and then by processing the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that they experienced. This experiential component can be especially effective with issues of attachment, and thus, EAP is particularly relevant to the foster and adoptive families that we serve at Harmony Adoptions.

For more information regarding Equine Assisted Psychotherapy at Harmony Adoptions, please contact Kim Liberatore at (865) 403-2283 or kliberatore@harmonyfamilycenter.org.

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