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Your gift is an investment in the future, providing crucial funds that make it possible for Harmony to continue offering vital services to children, families, and the community.

85 cents of every dollar spent at Harmony goes directly to programs that support children and families.

Funds are used to finance Harmony’s program activities and clinical staff. Your support allows Harmony to:

  • Continue to provide our therapeutic services to children and families,
  • Expand the scope of our training and educational programs,
  • Expand our programming to reach vulnerable families across Tennessee.

We believe every child deserves a safe, loving family. Our hope is that by working with vulnerable families and children, we can break the cycles of abuse, neglect, and the damage that occurs when the family unit breaks down. The outcome will be happier children, stronger families, and sound communities.

Harmony Family Center will be one of the first in the United States to support successful adoption by treating the family as a whole, as opposed to removing the youth from the family for residential treatment. Adoptive families who need help to succeed will receive expert clinical treatment in a peaceful, scenic setting. A range of therapies at Harmony Family Center will include: individual and family counseling, equine assisted therapy, therapeutic gardening, and a range of recreational activities.

Harmony’s Impact on Tennessee’s Families

  • Each year, Harmony serves over 2000 children and youth in Tennessee, all of whom were formerly in Tennessee’s foster-care system.
  • Last year, Harmony found homes for 120 youth who had been labeled the “long-stayers” by the system … most were older with special physical or emotional needs, and all had lost hope in the dream of a family.
  • Our programs are evidence-based and continuously evaluated to ensure the highest quality service possible.
  • Our adoption disruption rate is less than 1%, while the national average is 15-20%.
    Fiscal Impact of Our Programs

  • According to Tennessee’s Department of Children’s Services, our post-adoption services program saves our state $6.5 million each year by keeping adoptive families together.
  • The average cost of foster care is $100 per day.
  • The average cost of an adoption subsidy is $25 per day. Finding homes for 120 youth last year saved the state millions of dollars.

Cash Gifts: Unrestricted gifts of cash are especially important to Harmony in meeting day-to-day operating expenses. Your gift will help to support Harmony’s award-winning array of programs and services for children and families.

Matching Gifts: Take advantage of corporate matching. Check with your company’s human resources department to see if your company matches gifts to nonprofit organizations.

Monthly Gifts: You can provide ongoing support with a regular monthly gift. It’s simple. Each month your contribution is transferred to Harmony from your credit card or automatic fund transfer from your bank or credit union.