Healing Through Bonding

Leslie Jenkins

Leslie Jenkins, ASAP Therapist

As I sat at our first family camp watching the teens and younger children bonding through play, I was struck by the camp’s healing powers. There were kids from various backgrounds, ages, and abilities, but through their shared experience of adoption they were all able to relate and connect. I was impressed by their ability to create a game with no direction from adults and few accessories. They seemed at ease with one another, interacted well with each other, and made sure no one was excluded. I watched an older brother who never cuts his younger brother any slack give up his ping pong paddle so his brother could have a turn. I was also told by an older teen how important it is to enjoy the simple things in life. What a humbling experience just to be present and observe the amazing insights and changes taking place in children who are usually reliant on TV and video games for entertainment. Family camp really did make history for all the campers and staff present, and it demonstrated how much progress can take place in a weekend. It also renewed my dedication to providing support and treatment to all our ASAP families so that they can reach their full potential.

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