Live Like Someone Is Watching

Brandi Johnson

Brandi Johnson, ASAP Family Therapist

Sometimes I think that I have the best job in the world. While my friends grumble about their jobs and going to work, I wake up excited to have the opportunity to make a positive difference. I feel proud of Harmony and the work that we do. There is nothing better than watching a child grow and learn and watching families come together. It is so cool to see a child finally verbalizing their feelings instead of acting them out in negative ways or helping a child talk about their trauma for the first time.

Recently, my work impacted my own family in a very positive way. My fifteen year old niece approached me and shared with me that she’s decided to be a therapist who works with children. She then shared with me that she’d been mentoring children at her school and shared with me several things she’d done including helping a peer who she discovered had been sexually abused. She had learned what to do when a child is sexually abused from listening to me. I was completely taken off guard. I had not realized that she had been watching me or the impact my work had on my own family! That was a very cool moment.

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