Sue Wilburn

Vice President, Human Resources of East Tennessee Children’s Hospital

Ms. Wilburn has been the Vice President of Human Resources of East Tennessee Children’s Hospital since September of 2009. In this role, she is also responsible for Employee Health, Wellness, and Organizational Development, and Learning. Prior to Children’s, she spent 11 years at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus Ohio serving in multiple leadership positions in Human Resources. Prior to entering the health care industry, Ms. Wilburn’s career while always being in Human Resources, was in for profit manufacturing.

Ms. Wilburn holds an undergraduate degree and Masters from The Ohio State University. Ms. Wilburn completed her Master’s degree in Liberal Arts, with an emphasis in Human Resources Management, Organizational Communication and Public Relations.

As a graduate of the 2013 Leadership Knoxville class, Ms. Wilburn has invested her time in giving back to the community and the region. Ms. Wilburn has served on several local and state boards since relocating to Knoxville, including Work Connections, an agency focused on employment opportunities under an agreement with the TN Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development, THA Council on Diversity, LMU Advisory Board for their school of business, and in November of 2018 will join the Board of Harmony Family Center. She was drawn to the center due to its emphasis on children, mental and family health and the interventions of animal in their recovery. Sue is the guardian of Children’s Hospital’s first facility dog, Farley Grace.