No Time

Carol Johnson

Carol Johnson, President, Harmony Board of Directors

I’m busy. I run my own company. I have a very active six year old son. My husband’s job requires him to travel weekly. I’m the treasurer of my church. I like to travel, shop, and spend time with my family and friends. I don’t have time to add anything else to my calendar.

That’s what I told myself before I stopped, took a deep breath and looked around me. We are surrounded by people in need – financial, emotional, spiritual. How can we look the other way? It’s easier than getting involved. Realizing at times that we are working feverishly but not getting very far meeting the needs of others. It’s easy to throw our hands up, go on about our busy lives and be thankful for other people willing to fight the fight.

For me, it’s not enough to be busy with the things in my life. I want to do more. I want to help others have a happy home life, a job opportunity, time to enjoy life. There are so many folks around us that for various reasons don’t have that. For me it’s the kids without families, stability, a home that pull at my heartstrings. It’s their happiness and well-being that pushes me to give more and do more. And no one does more for hurting and needy kids than Harmony Family Center. Spend some time on Harmony’s website, look at their staff, the services they provide and then look at the profile of the kids longing for a happy home life, a forever family. Imagine the impact of finding one child a forever family. It’s this hope and reality that draws me to Harmony and makes it easy to find time to serve others through this amazing organization. So get involved, if not here at Harmony then some other organization that makes a difference in others’ lives and in your own.

Carol Johnson,
President, Board of Directors, Harmony Family Center

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