Relationships a Must

David Bracey

David Bracey, FOCUS Regional Case Consultant

In Harmony’s FOCUS program (Finding Our Children Unconditional Support) we are asked to convince 12-17 year-old children who are in the custody of the State of Tennessee to trust us with finding them a forever home. Our children have been abused, neglected, abandoned and are filled with mistrust toward any adult, especially anyone who is affiliated with the Department of Children’s Services. The relationship or bond the FOCUS worker builds with the client is so important in the successful outcome of the child’s future placement. In building a relationship it is important to get to know clients, to understand what they have been through, and to let them tell you what they want out of their future. If possible their wishes for the future should be your driving force and goal in helping these children. Most of our children have been through more trauma than most grown adults. Understanding can be gained only by visiting with the children and seeing them face to face.

This is more than a job. FOCUS work is so much more than referrals and names in a database. At Harmony we have been entrusted with making the right decisions for the future of our clients. FOCUS takes this responsibility to heart and strong relationships and understanding make adoptions possible.

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