Starting and Ending With Family

Lisa Norris

Lisa Norris, FOCUS Regional Case Consultant

Other things may change us,
but we start and end with the family. — Anthony Brandt

When I first received Miranda’s case, it was with a sarcastic smile and a “good luck on this one” caveat. And after reading through her files at DCS, I quickly realized why I was being warned. Miranda’s case notes were filled with scary words like, “bipolar, schizophrenic, suicidal ideations, homicidal ideations,” and the list went on. Miranda had allegations of sexual abuse against a child, nearly killing a peer with a swift blow to the head with a metal 3-hole punch, and other various violent acts against others. This child’s case certainly fell into the category of “doesn’t read well on paper.”

In an effort to even begin seeking out a family for Miranda, I had to go and meet her – and what I found when I did meet her was an incredibly intelligent girl who could write the most insightful poetry, meek by nature, and more polite than most children I meet (my own included). After speaking with her for just a few minutes, it was painfully clear that all Miranda wanted, or has ever wanted was someone to love her unconditionally.

After numerous attempts at revisiting former foster families, and being turned down, and unsuccessfully pulling stranger family matches from various websites, the team was beginning to lose hope for finding a forever family for this 16 year old.

Eventually, Miranda’s team was able to locate her grandmother. This grandmother lived in Georgia and wanted to reconnect with Miranda. Several months have passed and Miranda has been able to spend the holidays with her family and goes on weekend passes with them. The team is working diligently toward adoption.

I couldn’t think of a more fitting quote than the one at the beginning of this blog to describe Miranda’s situation. What a tragic start to life she had, but what a wonderful new beginning with family who claim her and love her!

Will Anyone Ever Love Me?
By Miranda Smith

Will anyone ever love me?
I don’t know.

Will anyone ever hold me
and actually want to?

The truth isn’t shown
Do you love me? I have no idea.
Why am I thinking about love? I am only a kid.

Do I even know the meaning of love?
Or is this just a feeling God gave me from above?

An emotion? Is there such a thing as a love potion?

This is the real big question…
do I love you?

Well, if you love me, then I will love you too.

It’s just an endless line of questions from deep inside my head.

Do you see where this has led?
Sometimes when I don’t have you in my arms, I wish I were six feet under.

I wish you would say, “I love her.”

I wish I knew why we went through the pain and the hurt we feel.

Well, I guess that will never be answered, as well as many of these other questions.

You probably will never love me.
Don’t I appeal?

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