If you have chosen to grow your family through adoption, Harmony is here to help you find answers to the many questions you are asking.

Whether you are wondering how to start the adoption process, what types of adoption are available to you, what to expect along the way, or any of the other thousands of questions you’ll likely experience, Harmony helps find the answers for your unique situation.

As Tennessee’s premier adoption agency, Harmony provides services for families seeking domestic adoptions or international adoptions. Harmony can also help you through the process of adopting from foster care.

Explore this section to learn more about our adoption services. Here you will learn about our home study services and post-placement, discover how we partner with international adoption agencies and be introduced to the types of forms and research required to successfully complete an adoption. We even include an adoption glossary to help you become more familiar with the many words and phrases you’ll be seeing frequently during the process.

Please feel free to email us at info@harmonyfamilycenter.org for further information or to continue your adoption process.