Camp Montvale is home to a variety of programs and services including therapeutic camps staffed by Harmony’s experienced team. We are committed to continuing to expand our programming to include children, families, adults, and communities who would benefit from the healing that takes place at Montvale.
Learn more about Harmony’s Adoptive Family and Day Camps at Montvale.
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Grand Family Camps

Today, more and more children are being raised by their grandparents and relative caregivers. Those who step in to help keep the family together face the unexpected responsibility and challenge of caring for grandchildren who do not live with their parents. Grand Family Camp Gives grandparents, relative caregivers, and grandchildren the opportunity to heal, grow, and connect in Montvale’s tranquil woodland environment.

The Goals of Grand Family Camp:

  • Provide an emotionally and physically safe environment
  • Promote attachment and strengthen relationships between grandparents or relative caregivers and children
  • Provide therapeutic and experiential activities through nature, art, animals, music, and movement
  • Educate participants about attachment, trauma, grief, and grandparent-child interactions
  • Acknowledge, honor, and embrace each child’s journey
  • Create an experience of trust and connection
  • Have fun and encourage imagination, creativity, and curiosity through play

Camp Activities:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Nature Walks
  • Activities for the kids – basketball, sand volleyball, GaGa ball, ropescourse, and equine therapy
  • Connect with other relative caregivers raising their grandchildren
  • Campfires, s’mores, and much more!

Rainbow Camps at Montvale

Rainbow Camps are designed to meet the social, emotional, and psychoeducational needs of LGBTQ+ identified children, youth, and their families.

Rainbow Family Camp provides an affirming space for families to gather and share their joys and struggles, while enjoying the beautiful spaces at Camp Montvale. Families will have their own cabin, and will engage in a variety of activities designed to celebrate each member of the family, provide space to connect, and provide LGBTQ+ youth a space where they feel safe to fully express and be their authentic selves. Parent and youth support groups, equine activities, yoga, drumming, arts and crafts, and nature are just a few of the programming options families will have.

Rainbow Family Camp is from Friday evening, April 5th through Sunday afternoon, April 7th.

Rainbow Day Camp provides a four-day program where LGBTQ+ children and youth can gather to safely express their authentic selves, in a therapeutic camp environment. Activities include equine, drumming, yoga, hiking, arts and crafts, and so much more. Campers can form friendships and explore their identities in an affirming, fun environment.

Rainbow Day Camp runs 9am – 5pm, Monday, October 9th through Thursday, October 12th.

Independent Living Camps

Independent Living Camps are funded through a contract with the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services and is a collaboration between Harmony and staff from the Department’s Independent Living Program.

The purpose of the program is to improve outcomes for youth and young adults who are in foster care, were formerly in foster care, or at risk of foster care. The program offers overnight camps at Montvale and day camps throughout the state. The program focuses on providing adulthood preparation topics such as sexual health, healthy relationships, coping skills, problem solving, educational and career planning, and financial literacy.

Virtual classes are also offered for youth who are not able to attend camp. Staff work hard to make camps fun for participants by incorporating activities such as hiking, crafts, cooking, swimming, and tackling Montvale’s rock-climbing wall. Independent Living Camps are staffed by dedicated members from the FOCUS (Finding Our Children Unconditional Support) Program. Amanda Chagnon, FOCUS Regional Case Coordinator, takes the lead role in planning and facilitating camps.