Our Mission

Our Mission

Since 1996, Harmony has provided innovative programming and therapeutic services across the state of Tennessee impacting more than 172,000 children, families and individuals. In partnership with the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, we offer support for children and families at every phase of the foster care and permanency journey. From the completion of foster and adoptive home studies for prospective parents, to identifying a forever home for children and youth in need of permanency, to in-home post-adoption counseling, and throughout the many other facets of the journey, Harmony has been a trusted ally and support for thousands of individuals and families throughout Tennessee.

Harmony has always been committed to standing in the gap where there are unmet needs which has led to the expansion of our services to include training our communities on the impact of trauma, animal-assisted therapies, outpatient services, and therapeutic camps at our Montvale facility.

We are committed to continuing to create innovative opportunities for healing and growth so all may live their best lives.


To create innovative opportunities for healing and growth so all may live their best lives.


Harmony is a leader, creator, and provider of innovative services designed to support the healing and growth of our communities.

Service Philosophy

Connection Matters

Healthy connections are the foundation of Harmony’s services, communications, and relationships. Whether we are serving children, families, adults, or communities, Harmony works to promote well-being, safety, and vitality. Through treatment, education, and advocacy, Harmony meets people where they are.

Excellence is Harmony’s standard

Exceptional care of those we serve is paramount in everything we do. Harmony continually seeks feedback from clients, stakeholders, and staff. Program modifications are made based on these evaluations, industry trends, and research.

Collaboration is a hallmark of Harmony

Harmony believes that seeking the expertise, perspective, and ingenuity of external partners enhances our service delivery and expands our reach.

Harmony embraces accountability

Harmony utilizes a multilevel evaluation process to ensure oversight and transparency for finances, programs, and staff.

Harmony’s programs are unique, innovative, and essential

Through research, creativity, and experiences, Harmony designs programs and explores opportunities that meet the diverse and complex needs of individuals and communities.

Harmony values our team

Harmony respects team members by providing the education, tools, and support needed to best serve our clients. Harmony fosters a culture of inclusion where constructively challenging the ideas and thoughts of one another is encouraged. We value the work we do by valuing the people who do the work.

Our Strategy

At Harmony, we believe in excellence, accountability, and continuous improvement for our team, stakeholders, clients, and communities. We have systems and processes in place to help guide us toward these goals. Below is our Vivid Image for Harmony’s future.
  • Staff and the Board of Directors are committed to and aligned with Harmony’s Mission Statement, Service Philosophy and Vivid Image while honoring our legacy.
  • Staff, Executive Team, Managers, and the Board of Directors effectively navigate Harmony’s growth utilizing the Continuous Improvement Process.
  • Maintains strong partnerships with the Department of Children’s Services and is committed to exceptional programming.
  • Is locally and nationally recognized for innovative and effective programs.
  • Has collaborations across the state and country that further our work and mission.
  • Will broaden the impact of our therapeutic service array, meeting the needs of children, adults, families, and communities through innovative, trauma-responsive treatment.
  • Will maintain the necessary operational infrastructure to support programs effectively.
  • Montvale is recognized as a dynamic resource for children, families, and professionals and offers a welcoming space for our community.
  • Is an active member of our community and is prepared to be supportive and responsive as needs arise.
  • Is a team that the best and brightest strive to join.
  • Maintains a culture of acceptance and curiosity and continually seeks opportunities to support a healthy work-life balance for our staff while giving them the tools they need to best serve their clients.
  • Values and promotes diversity in staff and leadership.
  • Staff are empowered to collectively strive for excellence and connection with one another.
  • The Board of Directors celebrates the opportunity to serve and support the work of the agency.
  • The Board of Directors finds opportunities to introduce the agency to the community in new and exciting ways as well as seeking ways to further financial growth and stability.
  • The Board of Directors supports the CEO in developing innovative strategies to diversity funding, expand, and sustain programming.