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Developmental Timeline

This timeline outlines the Physical Development, Cognitive Development, and Social Emotional Development of children from birth through early adulthood. It also provides information on activities for sensory interventions.


Attachment Challenge

Although the challenge of being out of your routine and unable to be out-and-about can be tough on all families, for families parenting kids with attachment challenges it can be even more trying.

Interested in using all this togetherness as a time to mindfully build attachment? Use this chart, with helpful hints and tips, to help you stay on track using small gestures to create and strengthen attachment with your child.

Regulation Rocks!

Each day of the week, try out these different physical, relational, and sensory activities with your child to work on developing regulation in the midst of this challenging time.



Audible Stories

Free educational and entertaining audiobooks for children and families.

San Diego Zoo

Free virtual tours, games, and activities with the animals at the San Deigo Zoo.


Explore planet Mars with a 360 degree virtual tour with the Curiosity Rover.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Say hello to animal and fish friends with live webcams at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Panda Cam

Visit the panda's at Zoo Atlanta through their webcam.

Farm Tours

Visit 11 different farms with Farm Food 360's virtual tours to learn more about what they grow and raise.

Tundra Connections

Experience the tundra and learn all about polar bears on a virtual field trip with Discovery Education.

Johnson Space Center

Travel to Houston, Texas in this virtual tour of Johnson Space Center, presented by Boeing and Discovery Education.

Arconic Tour

Discover the science of manufacturing at our local Arconic plant in Alcoa, Tennessee through this virtual tour.

Boston Children's Museum

Visit the Boston Children's Museum and explore the three floors filled with imagination and creativity.

National Geographic Kids

Explore countries around the world through National Geographic's interactive website built just for kids.

Keukenhof - Dutch Tulip Gardens

Explore the blooming fields of the Netherlands in this new video from one of the most famous tulip gardens in the world!

Howie the Harmony Man

Download and print out Howie the Harmony man, then color and decorate him however you’d like. You can use Howie in a lot of the other activities and resources found on this page!

Howie the Harmony Man is looking for some new pen pals!

Write him a letter and mail it to:
Attn: Howie
4901 Montvale Road
Maryville, TN 37803



Beach Mindfulness Activity

Watch the video below and complete the 5 Senses Mindfulness Activity sheet.

Frozen 2 Sensory Crafts

Have you seen Frozen 2 yet? Join Elsa and Olaf in the snow by creating your own Falling Snow Sensory Bottle and Puffy Snowman!

Harmony at Home Word Search

Download and print this word search to find all of Harmony’s animals that live at Montvale!

Harmony Mazes – Help Belle Find Her Way!

Download and print this word search to help Belle the goat find her way back to Montvale after her adventures!

Kids Yoga Bingo

Try out some fun, regulating yoga poses with Kids Yoga Bingo! Download this PDF to print out the bingo sheets and instructions to get started!

Harmony at Home: Story TIme



Wide Open School

This free online resource offers tools for schedules, emotional well-being, learning at home, movement, life skills, and more!


Take a trip together to Paris, France to visit the Louvre and enjoy dozens of virtual exhibit tours.

The Great Wall of China

Walk along the Great Wall of China using your computer and learn about the history and beauty of this world wonder.


Learn and interact with TED talk videos and activities specially curated for families.

Google Arts & Culture

Experience virtual tours of museums, 360 degree street views of famous landmarks, and close-up looks at some of the world's best creations.

PBS Nova Labs

Play games as you explore virtual labs on a variety of science topics.

Quiet Zone

Ask your children what they would like in a quiet zone. What are some activities that calm them? Find and create a little nook together that allows for this quiet space. Consider all the senses, for example, what textures do your children like (pillows, blankets or chairs), which smells aggravate and which smells calm (experiment with aromatherapy) and what role will sound play (silence, music, or something different)?


Nature Scavenger Hunt

Download our Nature Scavenger Hunt checklist to use your five senses to discover items in your own backyard.
Go someplace—even your backyard—and walk together in silence, listening for sounds you typically overlook. To enhance the quietest sounds (and make it more fun), you can turn paper cups into amplifiers by cutting holes in the sides of two cups and hooking them over your ears, drinking side facing outward. Although nature is especially relaxing, a listening walk can occur anywhere—even a shopping mall or restaurant.

Harmony at Home: Family Activities