Adoption & Guardianship Prep Training

Adoption & Guardianship Prep Training

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Deepen your knowledge of you and your child.

Monthly Adoption & Guardianship Preparation trainings are offered statewide by Harmony Family Center. Completion of Adoption & Guardianship Prep training is required for all DCS foster families who have a child placed in their home for the purpose of adoption or guardianship. The curriculum consists of four psychoeducational sessions, each of which are two hours in length. The curriculum is intended to help prospective adoptive and guardianship parents deepen understanding about themselves and their child. It is also intended to help build a lasting bond and commitment for families experiencing adoption or guardianship through the child welfare system. Harmony provides the training virtually, including offerings on Saturdays and weekday evenings. There is no cost to attend.

Parents can expect to learn the following:

  • Motivations and expectations in the adoption and guardianship process
  • Common fears and concerns of adoptive and guardianship parents
  • Understanding yourself in the adoptive and guardianship process
  • Understanding common triggers for parents and children
  • Attachment and attunement for the adopted or guardianship child
  • Understanding a child’s trauma and survival behaviors
  • Significance of Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Impact of trauma and neglect on brain development
  • Attachment parenting
  • Avoiding ruptures in the attachment relationship
  • Enhancing family communication skills
  • Increasing family fun and internal support

DCS or Private Provider foster parents should contact the child’s DCS Permanency Specialist or assigned Case Manager for more information about upcoming offerings. Families who are pursuing a private, domestic or international adoption may contact the helpline at 1-888-848-2727 to register for an upcoming Adoption Prep Training in their area.

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