The Barn’s mission is to create safe opportunities for humans to experience the love, acceptance, transformation, and healing that results when humans and horses come together in harmony.

The relationship between horses and humans is thousands of years old, and the horse’s power has long been a source of inspiration for people worldwide. The process of partnering with horses to promote personal and emotional growth and learning while helping to facilitate healing has now gained national recognition. Through integrating equine knowledge, care, and direct engagement, our clients experience positive change as they relate themselves and their experience with the horses. 

Our dynamic herd has helped provide services to a variety of individuals in need, including foster and adoptive youth and families, adoptive moms and grandparents, at risk youth, grief groups, and individuals currently receiving outpatient mental health services. 

What We Offer

Equine Facilitated Experiences

The Barn’s equine facilitated experiences are dedicated to strengthening children, families, individuals, and groups through connecting the human and horse. Individuals and groups have experienced growth through integrating mindfulness, finding self-efficacy, building problem-solving, enhancing planning and organizing, team building, and strengthening relationships through creating healthy boundaries and clear communication. Those participating in equine facilitated experiences will additionally benefit from the healing and peaceful multi-sensory setting at Montvale Springs. Experiences may include but are not limited to: grooming, equine care, communication strategies, and equine leading within Montvale Springs’s nature-based environment. 

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

The Barn’s equine assisted psychotherapy uses a variety of evidenced-based theoretical lenses that address clinical concerns around trauma, anxiety, depression, attachment/child-parent relationships, stress, and adjustment struggles.   

Dakota Theobald


Equine Program Coordinator

With a passion for horses, program coordination, and as a foster and adoptive parent, Dakota looks forward to sharing the healing nature of connecting with horses. Dakota is finalizing completion of PATH’s Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning certification and has prior training and experience working in therapeutic barns. Dakota’s education in occupational therapy and hippotherapy will help drive the development and implementation of therapeutic experiences for individuals and groups with the support of our equine herd.

Riley Long​


Individual & Family Therapist

Riley has worked with children and families throughout her life in variety of settings and now serves as a therapist working with Harmony’s Assessment Home program and Therapeutic Services. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina in Psychology. Motivated by her desire to help children, Riley spent 7 years working within the child welfare system as a case manager in a residential setting for teens and then transitioned to a therapeutic case manager role for youth in foster care with a state-wide agency. Drawing on the experience those years provided her, she responded to the continual need for advocacy and improved understanding of trauma within the system by pursuing her master’s degree. Graduating in May 2023, Riley received her Master’s of Social Work degree and Trauma certificate from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Riley is in the process of becoming a NMT Phase I clinician and values approaching her clients with curiosity and collaboration. Outside of the professional realm, Riley’s life is enhanced by spending time with her two dogs, catching some live music or a new restaurant with friends, making travel plans for her next adventure, or appreciating nature. equine-assisted therapy sessions at Montvale.


As the newest member of the herd, Buttercup is learning to trust humans outside her pack. She thrives off of clear communication and a low energy, although she is not intimidated in a group setting. Buttercup is eager to please and enjoys being pampered. 


An experienced driving horse, Buttons brings high energy and a strong work ethic to the Harmony herd. She’s the boss mare, keeping both horses and goats in line.  She thrives on authenticity and offers clients a unique connection. She enjoys connecting with her people and having her mane braided, and is sensitive to communication efforts from her humans.  


A school horse previously, Kenny is now an essential member of Harmony’s herd. He feels his greatest contribution to the program is standing in the center of the arena for all to admire his good looks. His motto is “work smarter not harder.” He enjoys scratches behind the ears and long naps in the sunshine. 


Rosie is a sweet, kind, and curious gal who is always up for a good obstacle course. She is responsive to communication attempts and appreciates boundaries around her personal space. She enjoys her alone time to help her prepare for socializing, and frequent snack breaks of fresh hay.   

Go Girl

Tiny but mighty! Go Girl is spunky and sassy. She even has tricks! She enjoys being active and having a job.  


Cameo is sweet, curious, patient and willing. She enjoys a good snuggle and scratches! 

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