The Benefits of Volunteering

  1. Sometimes busy schedules can allow for little family time. Volunteering is a great opportunity to devote time to spend together. You can bond with your loved ones while also giving back to the community!
  2. Service teaches life lessons. By volunteering as a family, you have a chance to expand the perspectives of your children and expose them first-hand to new issues. Talking them through their activities can help them reflect on their experience and grow in their understanding.
  3. Encourage life-long volunteering. When families volunteer, children are more likely to develop the habit of giving to their communities, and are more likely to volunteer on their own in the future.
  4. Start your own family tradition. It may be ringing bells to raise money during the winter or assisting with a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service project every January, but you can start a tradition of service that will create life-long memories.
  5. Invite the whole family. Use your volunteer activities as an opportunity to spend time with family members you don’t see every day. Strengthen your entire family by including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins in your volunteering activities. You could even plan your own event – talk with your local park district and arrange your own project.
  6. Choose an activity together. Discussing possible volunteer opportunities can be a great way to help kids think about what matters to them and can help you learn about each other as a family in new ways. Making the decision together is also a great way to ensure that everyone is excited about the activity.
  7. Consider letting kids bring their friends. This may make the service experience more fun for them and could also inspire more families to get involved in volunteering.
  8. Volunteer as part of a family vacation. Serving together can be a great way to have lots of fun, explore a new place together, and make a difference at the same time.
  9. Look for opportunities that can accommodate the skills, interests, and maturity of all family members, especially the younger children.

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